Why Are Oil Changes So Important? Your Honda Technician Explains

Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly with Routine Oil Changes in Ontario

If you take a look at your car's maintenance schedule, you'll notice that oil changes rank among the most frequent items on the list. Why? While oil changes are relatively basic as far as routine maintenance goes, they're also among the most important services. Your car's engine depends on plenty of fresh, clean oil to keep its fast-moving parts lubricated and cool. Unfortunately, oil doesn't last forever, so it needs to be changed regularly or else your engine could suffer damage.

Here's a quick overview of the importance of oil changes to help you understand why they're so critical for drivers around Ontario and Los Angeles:

  • Engine Lubrication: Your engine's parts create a lot of friction and heat if they're not properly lubricated. This can cause your engine parts to wear out prematurely, so it's best to stay on top of oil changes so that you don't damage your engine.
  • Clear Contaminants: Your car's oil can grow polluted over time by dirt and metal particles. While your engine oil filter should keep external contaminants out for the most part (if the filter is clean), the tiny metal particles that come from your engine's moving parts can still contaminate the oil over time. Operating with contaminated oil is like taking sandpaper to your engine parts, making oil changes a crucial part of engine care.
  • Clear Sludge: Oil breaks down into a sludgy substance over time, which hampers its effectiveness when it comes to lubricating your engine parts. To help ensure that your car's oil is doing its job, it's important to change it regularly before it breaks down.

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