Sell Your Car in Ontario, CA!

Are you looking to upgrade to a more current car and not sure what to do with the one you've got? We can help! Reach out online or call Penske Honda Ontario in Southern California at 866-258-2215. We're happy to take your used vehicle off your hands. We are constantly looking for ways to increase our inventory. Our offers are not contingent upon you purchasing a vehicle from us. We strive to provide our customers with their choice of used vehicles.

Trade in Options

As a customer, you have options regarding selling your current vehicle and buying options. You can take the cash, or you might just be ready for a new car or SUV. Just bring your current vehicle down to us, and we will give you a reasonable trade-in offer for it. This way you sell your current car while getting a new one all in the same trip.

Less Hassle, Fast Cash

Don't waste another day putting off buying a new car because your money is currently tied up in your used vehicle. It's a win-win situation for everyone. We're allowed to increase our inventory, and you're selling your current vehicle quickly and getting the cash you need. We want to help you get rid of your car and do it easily. No more negotiating prices with one buyer after another. When you sell your car to us, all that hassle is eliminated. No matter the make or model, If you own it, we'll buy it.

1. Bring your vehicle to the dealership

  • Appointment recommended but not required
  • An associate will help you get the process started and then provide any additional information you need.

2. Our experts will appraise your vehicle

  • Receive your offer in approximately 30 minutes
  • Feel free to speak with your appraiser offering any additional information or ask any questions
  • Browse our inventory or enjoy our customer lounge with all of the free amenities

3. Receive your offer

  • Your offer is valid for seven days provided there has been no change in the vehicle
  • Sell us your car on the spot, trade it in for a new vehicle, or sleep on it and let us know before the offer expires. It's that easy!

What do I need to bring?

  • Your vehicle's title or pay-off information.
  • Valid registration and driver's license.
  • Keys, remotes, manuals, etc.

We Want to Buy From You, Even if You Don't Buy From Us.

Now that you know the benefits of selling your used vehicle to us, you will want to visit Penske Honda Ontario to get the process started. While you may have many options for selling your current vehicle, not all are in your best interest. You might want quick cash for the vehicle, or you may be ready to buy something new. If you bring all the documents, keys, and other accessories with you, we can have the transaction completed in no time. You will then be going home with cash in your hand or with a new vehicle to bring home. No vehicle will be turned away. Every car receives an offer. At our SoCal dealership there are no limitations on mileage, age, or condition.

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