What are the advantages of a Certified Pre-Owned Honda over a standard used car?

When it comes to buying your next car near Riverside or Corona, CA, there are many reasons to consider going the pre-owned route. Beyond carrying a lower price tag, used cars incur less tax and can often be cheaper to insure, saving you money in the future as well. And since a new car will experience its most significant depreciation period within the first few years, it can hold on to its value for longer after it has passed that period. Additionally, the used car market gives you a lot more options, since you aren't limited to the current…

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Does Penske Honda Ontario buy used cars? Trade-in or sell your old vehicle for cash near Rancho Cucamonga and Chino Hills

Is your current ride no longer meets your needs? Are you're looking to downsize your garage? Or maybe you just need some extra cash. Whatever the reason, if you're trying to sell your old car near Riverside and Corona, CA, Penske Honda Ontario wants to buy it. We're always looking to grow our used inventory, and we can get you a fair price without the hassle of selling to a private party, even if you don't buy or lease from us.

When you go the private party route, you have to take a bunch of pictures…

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Honda Civic Review: Is it a good compact car for your Riverside or West Covina commute?

While there are more than a few options in the crowded compact car class, there are less than few nameplates with the legacy and name recognition of the Honda Civic. It's a mainstay of its segment, a veritable industry icon, and the perennial favorite of critics and consumers alike. But why? If you're wondering whether the Honda Civic is a good choice for you, continue reading for a quick overview of what it gets right, as well as a few of its limitations.


From year to year, generation to generation, the Honda Civic has consistently delivered a…

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The New Hybrid vehicles from Honda Combine Essential Features with Plenty of Power

<h4>Honda has been in the hybrid market for years, and with each debut of their newest models they continually add even more reliability, control, responsiveness, and fun to the drive.</h4> 


<p>The four hybrid models of Honda range from their sedans with the Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Clarity Hybrid, Honda Insight Hybrid, and their mid-size SUV option with the Honda CR-V Hybrid.</p> 

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Which Honda Civic is the Best Choice for You?

Which Honda Civic is the Best Choice for You?

A closer look at each Honda Civic model to discover the right one for you

The Honda Civic has been one of the bestselling models in the Honda lineup thanks to its stylish, sporty exterior, classic lines and shape, plus abundant standard features that keep it ahead of the pack.

Various Models of the Honda Civic Line:

  • Honda Civic Coupe
  • Honda Civic Sedan
  • Honda Civic Type R
  • Honda Civic Hatchback
  • Honda Civic Si Sedan
  • Honda Civic Si Coupe
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