If you need to sell your car around Ontario, CA, you probably know how challenging it can be to do so on your own. However, when you sell your vehicle to Penske Honda Ontario, you can skip the stress and get the money you deserve. In fact, you can sell your vehicle in just three easy steps at our dealership.

Step One: Bring Your Vehicle to Penske Honda Ontario

When you bring your vehicle to Penske Honda Ontario, you can get it appraised quickly and easily. Although an appointment is recommended, it is not required. When you arrive, an associate will help you begin the appraisal process and provide you with all the information you need.

Step Two: Have Your Vehicle Appraised

At our dealership, we will have an appraiser look over your vehicle and determine its value. You can get an offer within approximately 30 minutes. You can speak to the appraiser to ask questions as well as to provide useful information about your vehicle. You can then browse our inventory or relax in our customer lounge.

Step Three: Get Your Offer

Once you have your offer, you can sell your vehicle right then and there for cash or trade it in for a new vehicle from our inventory. If you want to go home and think your options over, your offer is good for seven days and will remain the same so long as the vehicle does not change during that time.

Sell Your Car at Penske Honda Ontario Today

If you need to sell your car, you should sell it to our dealership for a fair price, with the option of trading it in for a fantastic new Honda vehicle. To learn more about selling your car at our dealership, or to set up your appraisal, contact us today!

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