Is your Honda lease coming up to the end of its term near Ontario? If it is, learn how to return your Honda lease right here. Determine your options and stay confident in what you decide to do at the end of your lease. Whatever you need

Vehicle Inspections

One of the first things you will need to do is have your Honda vehicle inspected. At least one inspection is typically required by the leasing company. However, you can include more inspections if you choose. On most occasions, the leasing company will contact you about a month before the end of your lease to set up the inspection.

The inspection is meant to determine how much excess wear and tear is present on the vehicle before you return it. However, however much excess wear and tear is determined is then billed to you. These charges can often be disputed, though.

End of Lease Options

When you return your Honda near Southern, CA, you will usually have a few options going forward. One option is to return your Honda car and then walk away. Another option is to exchange your lease for another one. A third option is to buy the Honda vehicle you returned. If there is another option you would like to discuss, please let us know.

Return Your Lease to Our Dealership

If you have a Honda lease that you need to return, bring it to our dealership. We can help you work through your options, browse our inventory, and bring home a new vehicle. Do you have questions about our dealership? Reach out to us when you have time, as we are always available for you. And be sure to visit us in person for a test drive.

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