Lease the Honda of Your Dreams at Penske Honda Ontario

If you're ready to get behind the wheel of a brand new Honda, you have some great options available to you; one of these options is leasing the vehicle of your choice. If you're new to leasing, though, you may be confused about just what makes this such a great option. To help get you started on the right track, here is some basic information about the Honda leases we offer at Penske Honda.

Benefits of Leasing

Most people understand that new cars depreciate after they are purchased. A lease takes advantage of this fact to offer you low payments on a brand new car. Leasing a new Honda is an agreement in which you are making equal monthly payments on the expected depreciation of a particular vehicle. So, if a new car's worth stands at $30,000 and the manufacturer expects it will be worth $20,000 at the end of the lease term, then your lease will essentially be splitting the $10,000 of depreciated value into equal payments over the term of the lease.

Therefore, instead of financing the entire value of the vehicle, you're only financing a small portion of its value, resulting in lower monthly payments as you balance your budget in Ontario, CA.

Always Driving a New Car

Another great benefit of leasing is that it allows you to update your vehicle regularly, which would be prohibitively expensive for most people if they were purchasing the car outright. A newer Honda vehicle comes the latest technology, safety, and comfort features, plus much lower maintenance costs over the time that you have the vehicle in your possession.

Specials Abound

While the formula given above is the basic formula for a lease, manufacturers like to incentivize leasing by offering lease rates that are better than this base level. That's why it's a great idea to check latest Honda lease specials to see if the model you're looking for comes backed any special offers. The good news about leasing a Honda is that since our cars don't depreciate as quickly as other vehicle makes around Ontario, CA. The residual value (vehicle's worth at the end of the lease) tends to be higher, meaning you can get great lease payments just about any time.

Start Leasing a New Honda Today!

If you'd like to learn more about leasing or you're ready to lease the Honda of your dreams, explore our new Honda inventory at Penske Honda Ontario. Schedule a test drive and online, stop by, or give us a call today!