Before you return your leased Honda, or consider leasing one from Penske Honda Ontario, you should keep a number of important factors in mind. Our dealership offers an outlet for seamless lease returns, enabling you to bring your leased Honda in to us and move forward with a smooth return or even a purchasing plan in Ontario, CA. As a certified Honda Lease-End Center, our dealership also may handle lease returns from another dealership in case you need somewhere closer around the San Bernardino County Area. Explore our Honda lease return process at Penske Honda Ontario and see if leasing or financing a new Honda works best for your needs. Drivers will find our dealership located less than a half hour outside of West Covina.

Getting Your Honda Ready for Lease-End Return

If you recently leased a new Honda from our dealership, or even a competing Honda dealership near Riverside, CA, you should receive a lease-end return kit with all the pertinent information you need to know. Along with a checklist for what to keep inside the vehicle, you should also receive a tool for measuring tire tread depth along with the depth of any dents, dings, or scratches on the leased Honda. Any dents, dings, or scratches must not measure more than 1/4-inch-long or deep, while the tire tread must measure 4/32-inch deep or deeper, otherwise the tires must undergo replacement.

Once you feel as though the vehicle stands up to code and will not incur any excess wear-and-tear-penalties, you need to schedule a lease-end inspection two months ahead of the lease-end itself with our Honda service center near Corona, CA in order for our certified Honda technicians to clear your Honda for proper lease-end. We implore you to attend the inspection so that you may stay in the loop about the current condition of your vehicle and if any maintenance went unnoticed by your own inspection.

Return Your Leased Honda to Us Today

Our Ontario, CA Honda dealership near Rancho Cucamonga wants to make leasing a new Honda a simple, seamless, and convenient process for California drivers. Learn more about Honda lease-end returns at Penske Honda Ontario and check out our new Honda lease specials to see how you may save on your next lease. You will find us located less than 20 minutes outside of Chino Hills, we hope to see you soon!