When you’re looking for a new car for your Riverside, CA travels, you want to ensure it has all the latest features you’re looking for. For drivers who are looking for the next level in in-car connectivity, each new Honda model available at Penske Honda Ontario comes with Apple CarPlay to give you more access than ever before.

What is Apple CarPlay?

We’ve had Bluetooth connectivity in our cars for years now, so what makes Apple CarPlay a standout feature? While Bluetooth connections offer a generic infotainment experience and some level of inter-device connectivity, you generally have just a few features to work with. Your contacts, phone calls, and downloaded music library may populate, but messages and streaming services may not. Apple CarPlay fixes this shortcoming with a completely new concept.

With Apple CarPlay in your new Honda, you’ll have an Apple operating system on your infotainment display. When you connect with your iPhone you’ll get a view of your favorite apps with an interface that is incredibly similar to what you see on your phone. The identical icons help you find your way quickly and easily, but this system goes even deeper than that.

You’ll have access to your messages and the benefits of Siri to help you dictate replies without having to pick up your phone. This lets you keep the conversation going without the inherent danger of texting while you drive.

Your native Maps app will also come through, so even if you aren’t picking up a new Honda model with built-in navigation, you’ll never know the difference with Apple CarPlay enabled. Simply open the Maps app on your infotainment display and effortlessly find your way.

If you frequently listen to streaming services like Spotify, you’ll now have seamless access while you drive. Rather than picking a playlist, podcast, or album on your phone, you can open the app on the central display instead. This lets you have the listening experience you want without picking up your phone.

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